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The 2021 Tournaments of Writers Winners were announced live on Facebook, July 2, 2021.

Judge's Choice Winner will be announced at the Tournament Celebration on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. 

Books for all of the submitted works will be available in September online and at the Celebration.

Download the 2021 Winners List

Small Town Anthology vol. VI: Entries from the Sixth Annual Tournament of Writers $10

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2020 Judges Choice Winner

Grace Flanagan for Poem "A Forest so Serene"

Fiction Category

Junior Division

1st Place Maya Grossman, “Puppy Life

Young Adult Division

1st Place Alana Falbo, “Disappointment Island

2nd Place Hanna Laughery, “Homecoming Queen

Adult Division

1st Place Katie Grossman, “2020 – Can I Hit Restart?”

Senior Division

1st Place Marilyn Jones, “Autobiography of a Small Green Ukulele

2nd Place Lon Grover, “Wishing Rock

Non-fiction Category

Senior Division

1st Place Annette Smitley, “Blue Spruce

2nd Place Krista Ragotzy, “Wings

Poetry Category

Young Adult Division

1st Place Grace Flanagan, “A Forest so Serene

2nd Place Brett Moore, Untitled

Adult Division

1st Place Rebecca Penning, “Morning Rain

Senior Division

1st Place Krista Ragotzy, “Vintage Wallpaper Eintou

2nd Place Mark Stucky, “Consider the (Dreaming) Birds” 

2020 Celebration

Previous Years Winners Coming Soon!