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Susan strives to create what speaks to her heart and spirit. The emotional connection becomes her inspiration. To create art that moves the heart to linger a while is a continual pull.

Like many artists, she is fascinated with the color of light, the darkest darks against the lightest lights and the glow of light and shadows. She works from life and photographs, finding that both give her an advantage defining the information that she might not be able to discern otherwise.

Most of her work is in portraiture and still-life. With portraits, the fulfillment comes in capturing the spirit of the person. Still-life painting takes on a deeper meaning when using objects that symbolize important events, represent a special relationship or memory.

"Art is a journey, a passion that disciplines me to keep reaching and stretching toward a higher bar. Through that journey, it has become a joy to share my creative process with others."

Susan Snyder
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