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We have temporarily suspended gallery operations due to construction work. It is not clear when we will re-open the gallery. If you would like to contact any of our artists, please let us know! In the meantime, we are continuing to provide programming in the community and have located office space at 101 S. Main Street in the lower level. Thanks for your patience!

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Lisa Beams - Pottery

Jake Biernacki - Mixed Media

Brian Brook - Metalwork

Daisy Chisholm - Handmade Paper and Mixed Media Collage

Bruce Dannenhauer - Turned Wood

Dina Hadley - Pottery

Denny Hayward - Inlaid & Turned Wood

Marcia Johnson - Hand-Painted China

John Kern - Photography

Helen Kleczynski - Pastel & Watercolor Painting

Cindy Krill - Pottery & Painting

Pete LaRouech - Abstract Painting

Bobbe Luce - Fused Glass

Kim Marston - Graphic Arts & Photography

Terry Nugent - Handmade Glass Bead Jewelry

Nancy Smith - Multimedia Art & Author

Susan Snyder - Pastel Painter

Barry Stahr - Metalwork

Kathy Standard - Stained Glass

Barbara Stewart - Woven Wire Jewelry

Coco Sweezy - Painting

John Sweezy - Woodworking - Lamps & Boxes

Patrick Thomas - Pastel Painting

Raven Wynd - Sculpture, Drawing

Sam Zomer - Photography

Our Artisans

Jim Bird – Turned Wood Pens

Larry Forsyth – Metalwork

Georganne Oldenburg – Knit Hats

Lynn Pruitt-Timko - Weaving

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