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My name is Caitlin Burr, and I am a senior in Vicksburg High School's AP Drawing program. I enjoy art because it allows me to express myself; however, I feel necessary. I am more prideful in my work when it has personal meaning to who I am as an individual. I have had a strong interest in butterflies ever since I was young; I am always astonished by their beauty. For these reasons, I chose to create a concentration with 15 pieces of art that display the daily struggles young adults face as they find their way to independence. I think these everyday thoughts and activities related to my life can also apply to my viewers. The importance of quality mental health and well-being is often forgotten during the stressful journey of adulthood. It's hard for teenagers to be unbothered by the pressures of society's standards without feeling the need to change who they are or who they are becoming.

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