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Working with wood and enjoying nature have been life-long interests. Growing up on a farm in the Amish area of eastern Pennsylvania, I soon learned that life, nature, and working with your hands would yield a lifetime of joy.

As a wood worker for decades, doing construction and historic preservation, it was a natural transition to becoming a wood turner. Together, these skills have given me the ability to make replacement parts needed for historic restoration of anything from buildings to furniture.

Soon after learning to use a wood lathe, I started to see--and enjoy to a larger degree--the beauty of wood and the mysteries that lay beneath the outer layer of bark.

Many of the “turnings” I produce are made from wood that was harvested from Michigan’s Lower Peninsula as far back as the early 1800’s. I have collected “old” wood in order to have the correct variety and grain patterns that make the repairs true restorations. Now, I use collected “old” woods for turnings, as much as possible, to repurpose them and continue their life as art and historic pieces to be enjoyed and passed down for generations.

Larger turnings are made from wood that grows on the property where I live. It is true joy to harvest my own logs to create pieces that allow the wood to show its inner beauty, and then to share those pieces with the rest of the world.

I feel blessed to be able to share the joy of nature and the love of wood.

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